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Personality Chris Coscina 17 Jun 22:10
Chris Coscina
2002-06-17 22:10:00 UTC (over 18 years ago)


Hey, I'm new to the list and I want to get to know everyone. Heres me:

I'm 14 years old, and about 5 feet tall with brown eyes and hair. I'm an amateur video game developer, and learning Physics (at almost the college level), and I'm currently training to be able to take martial arts (training so I dont dropout my first month). I am learning 2d art, sound design, and programming. In the future, I'm going to learn mapping and modeling for video games. I live in Rhode Island, and my name is Chris. I'm an amateur hacker (no, not the people who break into computers or cheat in video games. Go to if you want to learn what hacking TRULY is, not just the definition the media threw on the people.) Alright, I'm gonna go do some training. Later.