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read text from gif files

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read text from gif files Sarbjeet Sokhi 23 May 03:52
  read text from gif files Jeff Trefftzs 23 May 05:56
Sarbjeet Sokhi
2002-05-23 03:52:21 UTC (over 19 years ago)

read text from gif files

Is Windows Gimp able to read text from gif files? In a Script Fu, I tried to do a

(gimp-selection-all image) (gimp-edit-copy text-layer)

and expected to see the text in the clipboard but was unsuccessful. Any help will be appreciated. Regards


Jeff Trefftzs
2002-05-23 05:56:08 UTC (over 19 years ago)

read text from gif files

Hi Sokhi

No, no one can read text from a gif. In the GIMP there is no such thing as text, in the sense of characters that can be recognized within an image. The GIMP manipulates pixels, not characters. Images, not text.

Now if you have a layer that has only text in it, you can manipulate that layer separately, which is what it appears you are trying to do, but as far as the GIMP is concerned, the text is still just pixels, not letters.