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Invalid class name error

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Invalid class name error Jason Pearce 18 Apr 10:57 07 Oct 20:15
  Invalid class name error Jeff Trefftzs 18 Apr 23:46
Jason Pearce
2002-04-18 10:57:43 UTC (over 19 years ago)

Invalid class name error

Hi gimpers ,
I get this error when using some filters in the gimp 1.2 "glowing_steel: invalid class name 'Gimp::UI::Gradientselect' at (evel2) line272 (ERROR)"
this one was from trying to use the brushed steel filter. How can i fix this or is it just how it is ? happy gimping

Jeff Trefftzs
2002-04-18 23:46:50 UTC (over 19 years ago)

Invalid class name error

Brushed metal filter works fine on my system (GIMP-1.2.3) - might it be that you're looking for a gradient that isn't in your collection? On my system brushed-metal defaults to the Shadows_1 gradient. Since brushed metal is a perl-fu script, you might go ahead and look at the source (the source and the executable are the same in this case.)