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set_offset using pastEE image center?

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set_offset using pastEE image center? As Signed 17 Apr 02:04
As Signed
2002-04-17 02:04:45 UTC (over 19 years ago)

set_offset using pastEE image center?

When using perl scripted commands such as

$throwaway2 = $background->edit_paste(0); $throwaway2->set_offsets(290,345); $throwaway2->anchor;

.. is there a way to have image placement be center-based, like when one can set where the move-handle is with a brush in some other progs?

The paste will go into center if no offset is given, but what I need is the pasted image to be centered on the given co-ordinates.

I can do a bit by reducing x & y by 1/2 the image size but it's a pain and isn't exactly accurate with lopsided host and pasted images.