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Gimp 2.3.3 and SIOX comments

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Gimp 2.3.3 and SIOX comments Tom Williams 17 Aug 08:27
  Gimp 2.3.3 and SIOX comments MWalsh 25 Jul 07:10
Tom Williams
2005-08-17 08:27:27 UTC (almost 15 years ago)

Gimp 2.3.3 and SIOX comments

Greetings to you all. Well, I finally got Gimp 2.3.3 w/ SIOX built on my Linux system and I've got this to say about the SIOX plugin:

IT ROCKS!!!!!!

I haven't played with it much but I did a "quick and dirty" extraction and it worked well! Woo-Hoo!




2020-07-25 07:10:43 UTC (20 days ago)
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Gimp 2.3.3 and SIOX comments

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