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Make a rectangular image random shape

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Make a rectangular image random shape RobertE 12 Oct 09:33
2021-10-12 09:33:03 UTC (over 2 years ago)

Make a rectangular image random shape

Hi, I am working on a detailed aerial map (produced from a drone) which was imported into GIMP from a Geotiff. It is a rectangular image, but the map is a 'random shape' with white borders round. I want to reduce the image itself to ONLY the map, and then use Filters - Decor - Fuzzy Blur, but I cannot reduce the rectangular image to just the map, so the Fuzzy Blur blurs only the edges of the map. I cam select the map itself using lasso tool, and have tried 'create new layer from selection', but it still creates a rectangular image, with white or transparent border (I can choose which). I have tried selecting and then Selection - feather, but this only allows a 100px feather, and I want a 500px feather (as it's quite a large detailed map). I have seen examples of Fuzzy Blur, but they somehow always start with a random image shape, not rectangular. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. (File not attached as its 300MB+)