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Mirror image tyelee4 08 Sep 14:56
  Mirror image corsetsubway 12 Oct 11:13
2021-09-08 14:56:40 UTC (over 1 year ago)

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I am using GIMP 2.10.24 and I am having trouble with printing.

I need to print pretty much everything in a mirror form so that I can use my prints for sublimation printing.

When I used GIMP previously there was a selection option for this. Since I changed laptop and re downloaded GIMP I have been unable to find how to do this and its driving me mad.

I have looked online and it refers me to the 'FLIP' option. This is not how i used to be able to do it and I much prefer the mirror print option

2021-10-12 11:13:39 UTC (over 1 year ago)

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