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Color tool / layer issue

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Color tool / layer issue SomniiNymph 30 Jun 12:50
2021-06-30 12:50:28 UTC (5 months ago)
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Color tool / layer issue

I am working on an image with two cats, and on one of the cats the color tool works perfectly fine, but on the other cat (on a different layer), the color seems muted or something. Even black shows up as a light purply-brown color.

The image is set to normal mode, RBG, the tool is set to normal, 100% opacity, and BOTH layers are set to normal mode, full opacity....

So what am I missing? I filled in a base color on each cat-layer respectively, and the colors worked fine. Then I filled in the brown spots on one cat, went back to the other cat (always using correct layers), and wanted to fill in the spot-colors.... but now the color tool doesn't behave normally? I didn't change anything... But something is wrong x')

Anyone here knows what it might be?