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Image quality is degrading on its own

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Image quality is degrading on its own jchamp225 29 Jun 22:16
2021-06-29 22:16:35 UTC (5 months ago)
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Image quality is degrading on its own

I'm using Gimp to rearrange layers to perform something similar to flash animation. Each layer is a transparent PNG file (I was under the impression that other file types such as JPEG could not become transparent).

So whenever I move or rotate a layer it becomes blurred. I've rotated one enough times I can hardly tell what it use to be. Looks like a pre-k watercolor mess now.

I'm new to using Gimp so I have no idea what I'm doing. Went through settings but nothing in it seemed to change anything. Googled the problem but all I can find is tutorials on how to make an image more blurry, which is the complete opposite of what I want to do. I did try using the blur tool to try to reverse the issue, but said tool seems unable to help.

What am I doing wrong. Is it a setting or the file type? Is this just something Gimp cannot handle? What am I missing here?

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