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How to apply certain indexed color?

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How to apply certain indexed color? The_Fab 01 May 05:51
2021-05-01 05:51:04 UTC (almost 3 years ago)

How to apply certain indexed color?


I have an indexed image with multiple instances of the same color in the palette. For instance, I have #00FF21 on indexes 3, 11, 27 and 40.

I'd like to apply certain indexed color (e.g. 27) to some pixels on my image. I pick 27th color from the palette as a foreground color and then use pencil to paint pixels.

Everything seems to be OK, but when I check the newly colored pixels with eye-dropper tool, I see that they have index 3, not 27.

It looks like GIMP ignores the chosen index, so the first index occurance is applied.

Am I doing something wrong?