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toolbox hidden behind 'tool options'

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toolbox hidden behind 'tool options' ottenm 16 Apr 13:49
  toolbox hidden behind 'tool options' NathanMansfield 28 Apr 13:29
2021-04-16 13:49:01 UTC (about 2 years ago)

toolbox hidden behind 'tool options'

Periodically, I open GIMP and it looks like the toolbox is missing. But on closer look, a little sliver of it is sticking up above ... is it 'tool options'? It's actually usable if I can remember the layout of the tools (and which tool was last selected under each group). I think I've seen the same sliver show up below the "switch foreground/background" tool.

I know I can get it back following Edit > Preferences > Interface> Window Management > Reset Saved Window Positions to Default Values, and then exiting and restarting GIMP (and moving and resizing the window the way I like it), but every couple of days it's becoming tedious/frustrating.

Any ideas?

2021-04-28 13:29:38 UTC (about 2 years ago)

toolbox hidden behind 'tool options'

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