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Creating text (layer?) presets/profile?

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Creating text (layer?) presets/profile? komiin 26 Jan 09:29
2021-01-26 09:29:28 UTC (about 1 month ago)
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Creating text (layer?) presets/profile?

Hey GIMP community, I am fairly new to GIMP but I might already have a rare question. Trying to process my photos from different countries and I'd like to add a text (name of the particular place and country) to the bottom right corner of all pictures. As much as I can I'd like to have this text in exact same spot with pretty much same settings (font, size, location) that I'd always need just to type the name of the place. I've wondered if there are some sort 'presets' or profiles available in GIMP as they are, let's say, in RawTherapee for example? Second solution, if I am not mistaken, could be creating a text "layer" with a text box and transparent background which I'd save as a project and could always add later on? Or is there any other way I am not aware, yet? Thanks a lot for any advice.