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Can't Add Layer to Group

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Can't Add Layer to Group MeganKuhn 28 Nov 18:55
2020-11-28 18:55:19 UTC (10 months ago)
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Can't Add Layer to Group

Hello. Hopefully someone here can help me figure out why this is happening. I'm using GIMP 2.10.22 on Windows 10. My file is in RGB color.

I have a project with a lot of layers, so to organize them, I created a layer group. Everything I read online says that I just need to drag and drop my layers into the group with my mouse, but when I do this, nothing happens. I don't see the cursor change or anything. I also can't reorder layers by dragging and dropping them - I have to use the arrows at the bottom of the layers panel. Additionally, I can't drag layers from one open file to another, which I saw someone else do in a tutorial.

Has anyone else had this happen? I can't find resources online to explain what's going on here. I tried restarting GIMP and my my computer and using different files, but still nothing happens when I try to drag and drop.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice.