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Unified Transform - Pivot locking

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Unified Transform - Pivot locking BWK 02 Sep 15:39
2020-09-02 15:39:38 UTC (3 months ago)
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Unified Transform - Pivot locking

Good day

Recent versions of Gimp have incorporated a request made to ensure the pivot remains locked in its previous position when using the Readjust feature to make a new adjustment frame as the default then was for the new frame to get the pivot moved to its centre. Now having the pivot lock working when Readjust is used is good.

There is now another question about inconsistent pivot locking behaviour. When a transform of a layer is finished with the pivot lock engaged, entering a new unified transform with another layer causes the pivot to move to the centre of the adjustment frame drawn around this layer, even though the lock should ensure the pivot remains in its previous locked position within the image.

The alternative case should be that if it is felt desirable to move the pivot to the new layer, that the lock check box gets unchecked at the same time.

Personally I feel if I have locked the pivot within the image, it should remain locked in its previous position even when I select a new layer. As noted above the pivot "unlocks" to move to the new layer, and then locks again in its new position. Having the pivot remain locked in its previous position would be consistent with pivot locking behaviour at other times.

Thanks is advance for receiving and considering this request. Despite the odd bug or crash, Gimp is still being used daily by me to handle very large projects (averaging around 20 GB with over 100 layers), the capability particularly in the unified transform for layer overlaying being and also being able to handle large project files that was only introduced in v2.10 bringing many efficiencies with it.