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Help Erica Boorman via gimp-user-list 02 Nov 18:53
Erica Boorman via gimp-user-list
2019-11-02 18:53:35 UTC (8 months ago)


I tried registering with Gnome/Git(whatever it is) but it won't let me log-in to leave a message.

I keep getting a runtime error message stating it has done something in an unexpected way. This happens every time I try to paint onto an existing image.

I am running GIMP 2.08 on Windows XP. None of the later versions of GIMP will load, so I'm stuck with this one even though most of your user postings say they are closed because it isn't GIMP 10 or Windows 8 & later.

Why is it doing this? Is there a lack of memory? A conflict with something else? A bug in the program?
How do I fix it? I have had to reopen GIMP at least 50 times today, it is virtually unusable. I am seriously looking towards another program, which is a shame because when it's working it's brilliant.

Please help

Mrs Erica Boorman BSc Hons