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How to apply Filters -> Generic -> Erode to a layer?

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How to apply Filters -> Generic -> Erode to a layer? Thomas Nyberg via gimp-user-list 04 Aug 10:37
Thomas Nyberg via gimp-user-list
2019-08-04 10:37:51 UTC (11 months ago)

How to apply Filters -> Generic -> Erode to a layer?


It's a bit easier to understand my question with an example. If you open a new image and add in some paint tool "squiggles" (i.e. just draw some random stuff with the mouse), then you can "thicken" these lines after they are already in place by using Filters -> Generic -> Erode. If you click that a few times the lines themselves will spread out a little. This does as I expect.

Now what I want is for this to work with a layer which I'll explain with another example. If you create a new image as before, but you also first select Layer -> New Layer and then use the paint tool to add some little squiggles. But in this case if you do Filters -> Generic -> Erode, nothing happens to the lines at all. If I select Layer -> Merge Down and then run Filters -> Generic -> Erode again, it thickens as expected.

My question is how do I thicken the layer before merging it down? Is this expected behavior or a bug? Thanks for any help. Yell at me if my question is confusing.

Cheers, Thomas

P.S. I'm running GIMP 2.10.8 installed directly from the debian repos for buster (i.e. debian 10).