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Export to pdf

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Export to pdf Uwe Sassnowski 03 May 12:56
Uwe Sassnowski
2019-05-03 12:56:51 UTC (over 1 year ago)

Export to pdf

I designed a brochure in gimp with several picture and text levels / layers. Then I combined all pictures and texts to one layer and exported it to pdf. I sent the pdf to the printing company for printing. The print was not in a perfect quality. The printing company told us that they normally get pdf's from their clients where they can make changes to improve the quality. I tried to export to pdf without combining all layers. But then all texts are changed in format. I can create pictures from the text layers. But then I and the printing company cannot go into the text anymore. Is there a way to export to pdf all single pictures and texts without combining all layers so that the printing company can touch all pictures and texts and to reach a higher quality print?

With best regards, Uwe