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GIMP:Plug-in crashed: "file-png", "file-jpeg"...

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GIMP:Plug-in crashed: "file-png", "file-jpeg"... Владимир Тимофиев via gimp-user-list 22 Mar 11:09
Владимир Тимофиев via gimp-user-list
2019-03-22 11:09:44 UTC (over 1 year ago)

GIMP:Plug-in crashed: "file-png", "file-jpeg"...

I am having problems with running graphics/gimp on FreeBSD 12.0

$gimp /usr/local/libexec/gimp/2.2/plug-ins/file-png/file-png: fatal error: Abort trap gimp: LibGimpBase-WARNING: gimp: gimp_wire_read(): error gimp: GEGL-WARNING:
(gegl-tile-handler-cache.c:977):gegl_tile_cache_destroy: runtime check failed: (g_queue_is_empty (&cache_queue)) EEEEeEeek! 2 GeglBuffers leaked

* * * ```
GNU Image Manipulation Program version 2.10.8 git-describe: GIMP_2_10_6-294-ga967e8d2c2 C compiler:
FreeBSD clang version 6.0.1 (tags/RELEASE_601/final 335540) (based on LLVM 6.0.1)
Target: i386-unknown-freebsd12.0 Thread model: posix
InstalledDir: /usr/bin

using GEGL version 0.4.12 (compiled against version 0.4.12) using GLib version 2.56.3 (compiled against version 2.56.3) using GdkPixbuf version 2.36.12 (compiled against version 2.36.12) using GTK+ version 2.24.32 (compiled against version 2.24.32) using Pango version 1.42.3 (compiled against version 1.42.3) using Fontconfig version 2.12.6 (compiled against version 2.12.6) using Cairo version 1.15.12 (compiled against version 1.15.12)


GIMP-WARNING: gimp-2.10: gimp_wire_read(): error

Stack trace:

# Stack traces obtained from PID 25801 - Thread 100319 #

No threads.


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