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Food. Judah 13 Mar 23:07
  Food. Scott12 24 Nov 01:48
2014-03-13 23:07:16 UTC (about 9 years ago)


If someone gives you free food, every day for as many years as you go there, you get free food from them. They tell you what goes into making the food, where to get the ingredients, etc. One day they decide to change the recipe of the food you are given, its different from what you are used to and it tastes different too. Would you find out why the recipe was changed, would you bitch about the change in menu, would you offer to help in the kitchen, would you help clean the tables, would you decide that its maybe one of the few places that are willing to give you free food and if you really wanted to you could acquire the taste of this new food or you do accept that maybe this food is not for you anymore and go and find free food somewhere else...what would a rational mature and intelligent human do?

That is all...

2021-11-24 01:48:56 UTC (over 1 year ago)


To be very honest I dont like making food at home. I always love ordering food online. I love eating Mexican food and whenever I go to even another country then I always look for Mexican food near me and I order instantly. Till now I have tried lots of restaurants and it continues. Next week I am going to Australia if anyone can suggest me a good reference there then please message in this conversation.