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Create a music ruler in GIMP?

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Create a music ruler in GIMP? Keith Purtell 17 Feb 16:01
  Create a music ruler in GIMP? MiollaM 24 Nov 21:14
Keith Purtell
2014-02-17 16:01:28 UTC (about 9 years ago)

Create a music ruler in GIMP?

The advice regarding grids and guides was what I needed.

I occasionally do use MuseScore; very nice software.

In this instance, I need to create a drum tab format not only to my personal preference, but I may carry its gui features forward to a home-brewed Reaper plugin using their "JS" language.

Thanks all.

Keith Purtell

2021-11-24 21:14:29 UTC (over 1 year ago)

Create a music ruler in GIMP?

At the next stage, you can start placing the backing vocals. Backing vocals are recorded separately, and the track is compiled together with the vocalist and must correspond to his vision of the composition. More here