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[PATCH] Code fixes for -ansi -pedantic build

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[PATCH] Code fixes for -ansi -pedantic build Daniel Richard G. 20 May 07:59
Daniel Richard G.
2006-05-20 07:59:04 UTC (almost 13 years ago)

[PATCH] Code fixes for -ansi -pedantic build

I usually build with -ansi -pedantic in my CFLAGS, to prevent silly non-portable-isms from slipping into my code. As it happens, GIMP CVS has a few of these, but they are easily addressed and I have submitted a patch to that effect:

The most worrisome bits are in four (now three) particular plug-ins, where you have non-static, non-extern variables being defined in common header files---leading, of course, to the linker bombing out on multiply-defined symbols.