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suggestion for tweaking the GUI menu verbiage

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suggestion for tweaking the GUI menu verbiage FortKnox 25 May 21:52
2020-05-25 21:52:07 UTC (9 months ago)
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suggestion for tweaking the GUI menu verbiage

Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong forum, it's been many years since I was even remotely involved in GIMP things, and that was only as a user. Secondly, I have no stake in seeing this idea through, so if someone else wants to run with it, great. I was just told by Google Drive that I couldn't insert images of .bmp format couldn't be imported into a Document. "Okay, no problem, I'll just fire up GIMP and save it as a different format. ... Wait, I forgot the difference between 'Save as...' and 'Export as...' Hmmm... I'll search the web..." Okay, I'm not the only one. The original post includes "The number of times I clicked "save" when I really wanted to export my work is depressing and I hear the same from colleague."

I got to thinking... what if the GUI was only slightly modified so that "Save" would dynamically recognize the existing file format, defaulting to .xcf? So the menu options would look like: "Save as .xcf
Save As..."
"Save as .png
Save As..."
"Save as .gif
Save As..."
etc., etc., etc.?

That makes it pretty durn clear what's about to happen and seems like it would save some heartache for very little investment of developer time. I'm just spitballing here... Again, if this is the wrong forum or WHATEVER, I don't care, someone else please fix my error and help this idea run to the end zone, thank you. I'm no longer a developer since my TBI that almost killed me & left me comatose for 5 weeks, 13 years ago, almost completely wiped out all memories of my computer science degree. :-( Life goes on though. :-) JK