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[LGM] LGM is next week!

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CAJgUyjGY59MXLMG4Ej_GOsmAko... 26 May 15:38
  [LGM] LGM is next week! Boudewijn Rempt via gegl-developer-list 22 May 20:15
Boudewijn Rempt via gegl-developer-list
2019-05-22 20:15:23 UTC (over 2 years ago)

[LGM] LGM is next week!

And make sure has your input, because otherwise I won't have much to say about your project's achievements!

On woensdag 22 mei 2019 10:21:30 CEST Aude Poilroux wrote:

Dear everyone,

LGM is next week, we are already making coffee for you!

If you have not done it already, *please registrate* on the LGM website *until the end of this week*:

We need the registration informations to organize the logistic, in order to offer you everything you need during LGM! (and even if you are holding a talk, please do register on the LGM website)

Thank you and see you next week Aude - for the local organisation committee

Aude Poilroux Projektmanagerin

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