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Updating references to Bugzilla

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Updating references to Bugzilla Pat David 07 Jun 21:26
Pat David
2018-06-07 21:26:38 UTC (8 months ago)

Updating references to Bugzilla


I'm in the process of updating pages on the website that reference Bugzilla. (per the issue here:

Unless I hear otherwise, my thoughts are:

* Update all references from "Bugzilla" to "GitLab issues". * Change the link on /bugs/ for "How To Report an Issue" from /bugs/howtos/bugzilla.html to /bugs/report.html * Change link on /bugs/ for "How To Create and Submit a Patch" from /bugs/howtos/submit-patch.html to /bugs/submit-patch.html * Update the previous two referenced pages content to reflect "GitLab issues" rather than "Bugzilla".
* Add new text at the top of those same two pages to notify users the pages are deprecated, and link to the new locations.

I'll leave the old pages in-place, but we may want to redirect (302) to the new location at some point.

Any thoughts on these?

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