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Tutorial: Create a mystic chaos Voodoo-Pattern

Written by · Created on Jul 06, 2007, last updated about 12 years ago CC BY-NC License
Create a mystic chaos Voodoo-Pattern


This tutorial shows you a simple effect which should look like mystical symbols of witches (Voodoo). I hope you understand it well, because it's my first (english) tutorial.

Tutorial details

  1. 1

    Of course we make a new file first. I take a size of 1000×400px, its the double size of a regular signature. (I do this for a better look, you can make it smaller later of course) Background-color: White

  2. 2

    Filter / Artistic / Cubism. Look at the values of the picture.

  3. 3

    Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur: 2px.

  4. 4

    Now the picture is little blurred. Do Filter / Edge-Detect / Edge… now and take these values. You can play around and take what you want.

  5. 5

    We’re almost done now ;) But the picture looks boring without color. You can colorize it by your own. I took these values (Colors / Colorize):

  6. 6

    Optionally you can duplicate the layer and set the layers mode (fint it at top of the layers dialog , above all layers) to “Addition”. The pattern looks much more saturated then (see left side of the image below, the original is to the right).

  7. 7

    Done ;) Have fun with this kind of background!


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engine777 member for almost 7 years engine777 5 comments
almost 7 years ago

Thank you for the tutorial

graphicspath member for about 8 years graphicspath 1 comment rated this topic with 5/5
about 8 years ago

A very informative and interesting Tutorial. It is useful to us Thanks so much for these wonderful sharing.

about 10 years ago

im awesome

over 12 years ago

what also looks cool: at the end, do colour select and select the black area, then do bucket fill->pattern fill-> starfield-> fill whole selection

bananalover rated this topic with 5/5
over 12 years ago

cool tut, easy and simple but very effective :) i find it works fine on step 5 with colours-colourise...

about 14 years ago

Some of yous got an old version thats why its different

over 14 years ago

love the three dimensional effect on this background. :)

over 14 years ago

Forgot to mention:
Circle Depth Perception: 100.00
Offset angle: 0

over 14 years ago

After the last step, I did

Filters/Distorts/Polar Coordinates then unchecked "to polar" and "Map Backwards" and left "Map from Top" checked. Gave it a different sort of look anyway :)

almost 15 years ago

Nice tut! simple but very good for a bg!

over 15 years ago

First tutorial i've used to create GIMP background. Very good and well explained. Thx

over 15 years ago

oh well who cares about those little mistakes,

that wus a good turtiol [sp?]

i got it in the first shot

devvv member for over 16 years devvv 1475 comments
over 15 years ago

Thanks, i added it to the text now. The Tutorial is based on 2.3.18, so it's Colors / Colorize ;)

Lorrnae member for over 15 years Lorrnae 4 comments
over 15 years ago

Another one

Lorrnae member for over 15 years Lorrnae 4 comments
over 15 years ago

Number 5 is
Filters/Color/Channel Mixer

Lorrnae member for over 15 years Lorrnae 4 comments
over 15 years ago

#5 could be to
Filters/Color/Colorfy or Filters/Color/Channel Mixer

Lorrnae member for over 15 years Lorrnae 4 comments
over 15 years ago

Number 4 is wrong. On the english version it is actually