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Question: How did you first come across GIMP?

Created at Wed, 22 Feb 2012 18:11:53 +0000
Open until Sat, 28 Apr 2012 00:00:00 +0000

In total, 136 votes has been given:

  • Newspaper (2 votes)
  • Website (news or article). (33 votes)
  • Website (Forum, Board etc.) (27 votes)
  • Word of mouth or email by friends. (32 votes)
  • Seen in TV (4 votes)
  • In another way or I can't remember (please post below) (38 votes)

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Delep001 member for about 12 years Delep001 1 comment
about 12 years ago

I saw this epic image and the guy said it wasnt made in photoshop.

ozsalvo member for about 12 years ozsalvo 1 comment
about 12 years ago

Forum I was in back in about 2003 were doing image manipulations. Made a fun thing of it each week. Those with the best talent (it seemed)said they were using the Gimp.

lousiewhei member for about 12 years lousiewhei 14 comments
about 12 years ago

Searched online for free photo editor.

over 12 years ago

RH 5.2 came with a 0.9 version of gimp (1999) Never looked back

WWWWolf member for almost 15 years WWWWolf 4 comments
over 12 years ago

Long ago, I visited Larry Ewing's page on how he drew Tux.

At the time, the only graphics apps I was aware of on Linux were the likes of xv and xpaint. Not very powerful programs. So I was instantly blown away the fact that this quite nice-looking drawing was actually done in a Linux program, and I kept finding these *awesome* pics people had done with GIMP.

That was definitely one of those "you don't need Windows to get through the day" moments. =)

And this was GIMP 0.5x. Stuff really went ballistic when 1.0 finally rolled out.

jduke member for over 14 years jduke 1 comment
over 12 years ago

I was in rehab, decided not to watch TV but to learn the computer. I was learning to type and someone showed me gimp. That was it I did nothing for nine months but learn to type and gimp. I still have a hard time with concentration on reading updates so a lot of my skills on gimp are hit or miss. I have been sober for over five years now and I am so grateful for gimp. Thanks to all involved

Su Smith
over 12 years ago

A friend on the internet told me about linux and gimp in an instant message discussion.

GIMPer #87369835
over 12 years ago

I was talking to a friend, on teh interwebz, and she shown me a banner she made. I was like "holycraphowyoumaek?" And she told me about this wondrous program.

over 12 years ago

Somebody suggested it to me in a forum, back in about 2004 or 2005. I've been a fan ever since.

over 12 years ago

It was installed by default on my Fedora Core 4. XD