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Question: Why did you PRIMARY decide to use GIMP?

Created at Wed, 19 Mar 2008 15:09:59 +0000
Open until Sun, 26 Sep 2010 21:04:05 +0000

In total, 301 votes has been given:

  • Because Open Source is just cool! (40 votes)
  • I'm working on Linux and there are not many good alternatives (31 votes)
  • Because Photoshop is proprietary software and much too expensive. And I don't want to do illegal downloads when there is a program like GIMP (160 votes)
  • Because GIMP good enough for the wide majority of users (63 votes)
  • Other (please post) (7 votes)

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over 16 years ago

Ok, I choosed "I'm working on Linux and there are not many good alternatives", but GIMP is actually a good alternative. I work with web design as a profession and mainly use Photoshop at work, but I can do mostly the same things in GIMP with some more layers and a bit more time. Maybe I can switch to GIMP at work in a couple of years? I hope so.

dragonfire member for over 16 years dragonfire 1 comment
over 16 years ago

The only thing better about photoshop is history brush, liquify, and blending options are a lot better but it's not nearly worth the $$$ when there is Gimp.

over 16 years ago

there is nothing I can't do with GIMP that I can do with photoshop and since I run a linux based OS on my laptop I don't have to learn menus in two programs that have the same purpose.

over 16 years ago

I used Jasc Paint Shop Pro in the past but after it got acquired by Corel I didn't like the direction they where going,. To be honest they have not added any interesting features or even fixed bugs in old features in a long time and the last major update came down to a new theme.
Since I never was a fan of Ulead Photoimpact or Adobe Photoshop and was planing to switch to Linux ultimately I jumped on the GIMP band wagon.

RaoulDuke member for over 16 years RaoulDuke 1 comment
over 16 years ago

I chose "other" because there wasn't an "All of the above" option (except Linux).

Pixkid member for over 16 years Pixkid 4 comments
over 16 years ago

I chose "Other" because I was willing to experiment with software that would allow me to photo-edit, albeit I was oblivious to the capabilities Gimp had. Little did I know almost a year ago that this would spark graphical designing as a hobby of mine and get me interested in the open-source community.

over 16 years ago

I chose "Other". I started out using it because I was a linux user, but now that I'm a Mac user, I still use it because I am more familiar with it. I've tried Photoshop, but I just don't have the patience to re-learn everything, so after a few frustrating hours, I went back to the trusty, familiar Gimp.