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Question: Do you find GIMPs name disturbing?

Created at Thu, 16 May 2013 07:20:46 +0000
Open until Sat, 01 Jun 2013 00:00:00 +0000

In total, 223 votes has been given:

  • Yes. (why? → please write a comment) (46 votes)
  • No. (177 votes)

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PuffTheMagicBelgian member for almost 8 years PuffTheMagicBelgian 2 comments
almost 8 years ago

When i search the Gimp (#) on twitter, the results are...disturbing!
LOL Also this name raises eye brows with regular folks.
I get reactions like -> Bring out the Gimppp...(Thx Tarantino!)

It wont stop me from using Gimp though! I love this software..

almost 8 years ago

Very nice site!

about 11 years ago

Yes. It took me a while to download because of the name. Two of its connotations are negative: the bondage suit, and the lame person. I think a better name could be found.

about 11 years ago

I have a problem with the name (despite being a long-time Gimp user). It conveys nothing about the program, and is a common english word used to describe a limping old man -- not exactly the image we wish to suggest when discussing or promoting this excellent software.
It's derivatives, like CinePaint (which is just a Gimp fork focused on video production) have done a much better naming job.
I wish the name could be changed.

about 11 years ago

GNU Image Manipulation Program is non-offensive however it is also poor from a marketing point of view (too long, what is GNU?, etc.). GIMP is terrible from a marketing point of view. It is very similar to the word "gimp" which has various meanings and conotations in the North American (NA) vocabulary all of which would be percieved I suspect by the majority of people in NA as negative.

about 11 years ago

I have a couple of GIMP books on my shelves that have provoked WTF comments several times.

Besides the unfortunate connection with an actual word, the name convey no information about the nature of the program. These kind of cutesy but lame names are all too common in open source.

about 11 years ago

Do I find the poll disturbing? Yes.

about 11 years ago

This discussion says it all:-