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First release candidate of GIMP 2.10 available

By at 2018-03-27 10:45:14 UTC, last updated over 6 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Thats how GIMP 2.10 looks Thats how GIMP 2.10 looks

Over the past years the team behind GIMP has constantly worked on almost every bit and byte that makes GIMP such a great product in the open source sector.

Now they could happily announce that GIMP 2.10 is on the home strech! There are still some bugs but it is already in a very good condition and personally we found it could be used in production already.

Lots of things have been improved since the 2.9.8 dev version:

  • The layer masks on layer groups are now fully working
  • A new filter to adjust Shadows and Highlights separately is available
  • GIMP can now import JPEG 2000 images that have high bit depth such as 32bit
  • new icons have been added
  • GUI improvements
  • new cool GEGL operations (recursive transform is an effect where images can repetitively appear inside itself; enlarge; inpaint; domain transform can smooth images while preserving the edged;)
  • and lots of other small changes

You can find a more informative list of changes on the official GIMP website
The source code can be found here: (MD5)

The Windows version of 2.10-rc1 is now available and can be found in our downloads section.


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almost 6 years ago

In previous versions of Gimp, some tablet users have run into issues with connecting and working with the Gimp program. In this new version, will the tablet users still have the same issues as in previous versions or will they be able to use Gimp without the connection issues?

jpmneg member for almost 11 years jpmneg 1 comment
over 6 years ago

I am currently testing it out. Using Windows 10, Just an amateur painter.
On start up I get mathmap.exe app error, app unable to start correctly (oxc000007b)
“Click ok to close the application”, when I click ok it finishes loading.
Hope that bug is fixed in the final release.
Overall very pleased with it. Lots of changes, great work.

Bert Vester
over 6 years ago

@ George Alter: If you have a win10 machine running under 64 bit, you might want to look at PhotoscapeX. Very good functionality and fairly easy to use. The trail version is available for an indefinite period. The only thing I miss from time to time is a histogram, but I have learned to go without and still get pretty good results.

over 6 years ago

best photo software gimp

ytiuqibu member for over 7 years ytiuqibu 1 comment
over 6 years ago

Hi George,
Andrew says GIMP is basically a clone of Photoshop.By this I assume he means that it is a comprehensive graphics editor, rather than a "copy". Patty suggests that she had some difficulty in learning GIMP after being in Graphics Design for 20 years implying that GIMP is difficult to learn, but this is true of any new comprehensive software, especially if you are already used to working in something else.
I would encourage you to "have a go". If you would like a simple introduction, even before installing GIMP, have a look on the official website at the tutorials
and in particular at the 'Quickies' written by Pat David, they are easy to follow, have text and graphics that you can read at your own pace, and give you an idea of the simpler aspects of the GIMP interface without having to even have the software installed let alone open. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous the beginner tutorial on Basic Colour Curves is more in depth but you might like to read this article about histograms first
Because the information in a digital photograph is simply a series of numbers, adjusting the 'curve' is a convenient way to alter those numbers and hence the tones in the image.
If you do decide to give GIMP a go I'm sure users here and in other fora will be happy to help with any questions.

over 6 years ago

George: No offense to anyone else, but GIMP is basically a clone of Adobe Photoshop. People can do amazing things with both, but the learning curve is steep. I go back and forth between GIMP and LightZone ( It depends on the image and what I'm trying to do with it. To get proficient at LightZone, it probably has a steep learning curve, too. But to get to basic photo edits, LightZone might be easier to start.

Marcio Mendonça
over 6 years ago

It's don't read configurations directory!

over 6 years ago

George Alter: Honestly, it sounds to me like you would do much better with a graphics program other than GIMP. It's a great program, but it's definitely the hardest to learn of any I've ever used. I've been a graphic designer for 20 years and it took me weeks to learn the basics in GIMP. Start with one of the well-rated paid programs and maybe come back to GIMP in a few years when you're an expert. In any case, good luck and have fun.

devvv member for almost 18 years devvv 1475 comments
over 6 years ago

The news has now been updated with a link to the Windows version of GIMP 2.10-rc1.

over 6 years ago

Good question Kenn

Info re Upgrading over a previous version, or keeping a previous version ... probably the most forgotten information in software publishing.

Re George Alter
At 82 years old (loved the typo error) the main question is - have you ever used a fully featured image editing program before?
If you haven't - Gimp is definitely the one to go for.
However, be prepared for initial confusion.

I would treat it like going to school.
Start at the beginning with the web tutorials and YouTube tutorials.

That way, you'll be fine and it will become easy.

over 6 years ago

Will the download overwrite the existing GIMP program?
It would be nice to have both; retain the old while learning the new.

George Alter
over 6 years ago

I am deciding which photo program to download and use. I am 82 tears old and have had a keen interest in photography since my early 20's. I have owned and used several decent camera's but not the
top of the line pro type. Now I use mostly my iPhone in addition I have a Sony DSC-HX30v.
I hope to find a program that is mostly simple to use while still having a fair amount of capabilities for doing basic plus some advanced content.
I know I am asking a lot but for my age it has to be easy to use.
Thank U very much.
i hope you can tell me if gimp will fulfill my purpose.

OK-Outlaw member for over 14 years OK-Outlaw 1 comment rated this topic with 5/5
over 6 years ago

Good news. Waiting for it on pins and needles.

josephbupe member for over 13 years josephbupe 20 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 6 years ago

Thank you for the information. KUDOS to the GIMP team for the candidate release. Keep it up.