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DEV release: GIMP 2.9.2 / State of the development

By at 2015-11-28 12:30:24 UTC, last updated over 8 years ago. CC BY-NC License

It’s been in the works for 3 years and finally there is a first official release of a development version of the GIMP 2.9 series!

Many users are complaining about the long development, however you’ve to keep in mind that practically everything has changed in GIMP 2.9 (most of it under the surface), and it takes time to give users the options and features they already enjoyed in prior version also in the future. GIMP 3+ will really benefit from the long development which it is currently.

Nevertheless it will still take some time until 2.10 is out but 2.9.2 is a great milestone for the development already.

Here is quick overview what the team mentioned in the official news:


  • 16/32bit per color channel processing
  • Basic OpenEXR support
  • On-canvas preview for many filters
  • Experimental hardware-accelerated rendering and processing via OpenCL
  • Higher-quality downscaling

New, Improved and Experimental Tools

  • Unified Transform
  • Warp Transform
  • Blend tool
  • Align tool
  • Foreground Select tool
  • N-Point Deformation, by Marek Dvorožňák, implements a new way to bend objects while preserving a natural look.
  • Handle Transform, by Johannes Matschke, is an interesting approach at applying scaling, rotating, and perspective correction using handles placed on the canvas.
  • Seamless Clone, by Barak Itkin, simplifies merging one image into another by adjusting brightness and colors of the pasted image to match the look of the image it is pasted to.
  • MyPaint Brush tool is a first shot at using more brush engines in GIMP. The code was written by Michael Natterer.

Better Color Management

  • Overlay Blend mode repleaced by the correct formula
  • View Metadata such as EXIF
  • Digital Painting improvements with Canvacs rotation and more

If you’re really in need of the new stuff described below you can try GIMP 2.9.2, but you should not use it for production use, because things are still subject to change.

We will update the news with links to pre-compiled versions soon.


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zadkey member for about 7 years zadkey 1 comment rated this topic with 5/5
about 7 years ago

Are there any improvements of note to UI developers such as Guide handling?

over 7 years ago

When will GIMP offer the possibility to open .CR2 files??

almost 8 years ago

Please return a way to turn off the save dialogue. I only need to export my work. Saving in XCF is not required. Thank you

Lyle member for about 12 years Lyle 91 comments
almost 8 years ago

If you ever posted at a thread and someone replies to said thead, you get an email notification. Not sure where the settings is to not follow a thread any longer. It's not a phish attack. lol

I was just spieling that GIMPusers hasn't had a story about the 2.8.18 or 2.9.4 release. So shoot me. :)

glow7 member for over 11 years glow7 1 comment
almost 8 years ago

Re :Private message: From Miss Rita Benson....

I was surprised to receive an email notification from this phish

Is this group still managed or active?

mgroothuis member for over 13 years mgroothuis 7 comments
almost 8 years ago

Yes same here, I received it twice as a private message :-(

scott092707 member for over 8 years scott092707 1 comment
almost 8 years ago

And I got one too....

Perhaps whoever manages this service could block from further access to gimpusers ?

ErickG member for about 8 years ErickG 1 comment
almost 8 years ago

Same here MikeS, I'm sure many ppl here got it. I'm unsure of who I should be redirecting this pm. all I know is that this is her email

MikeS member for almost 8 years MikeS 1 comment
almost 8 years ago

Just received a fishing private message on this site from ritabb

Lyle member for about 12 years Lyle 91 comments
almost 8 years ago

Surprised no one here's announced the updated 2.8.18 and 2.9.4 dev release yet. Maybe folks are still on their 4th July holiday. :)

adem mdimagh
almost 8 years ago

telecharger gimp

Joe coyne
about 8 years ago

Using gimp 2.8 . How do I load documation on Android

GoTzSkIlLz member for over 8 years GoTzSkIlLz 1 comment
over 8 years ago

I can't wait for this version to be out!

Martijn van Beek
over 8 years ago

hoping that this version doesn't freezes as much as 2.8.16