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By at 2015-08-06 13:50:50 UTC, last updated almost 9 years ago. CC BY-NC License not available not available

This is just a short information that the official GIMP website is not available at the moment. Currently the domain seems to be managed by a DDoS Protection service and is thus inactive.

The GIMP web team has already been informed and is working on it.

[Update Aug 7th 2015 – 00:59]

It turned out that the domain wasn’t renewed fast enough which caused a domain parking service to handle it. Meanwhile it should be accessible again. It will however take up to 24 hours until all DNS servers point to the correct IP again.

You can read some funny comments (more or less) on this on hackernews, too :-)


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alco member for over 7 years alco 1 comment rated this topic with 1/5
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totally out of date I mean TOTALLY !!!