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Funding new GIMP features: Mirror Painting! [+poll]

By at 2013-09-23 09:16:15 UTC, last updated about 8 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Symmetry/Mirror Painting in GIMP Symmetry/Mirror Painting in GIMP

Mirroring modes in the test implementation Mirroring modes in the test implementation

While many of GIMPs developers have a full time job and work for for it in their spare time others would like to improve the software with funded features. There is a very cool new possible feature now that you’ll maybe see in GIMP when you decide to fund it: Mirror Painting!

What is it?

Mirror painting should be a new feature in GIMP that allows you to duplicate your brush strokes automatically on a defined axis (see image 2). It is a very powerful tool, especially for painters – as you can already see in the demo of the test implementation below.

Who does it?

Jehan Pagès is a GIMP developer already and made several additions to the GIMP core as well as bug fixes. He started this funding project and would be happy to get it clean and nicely implemented into GIMP with well-thought internal design. The current demo is just a proof of concept and cannot go into GIMP master.

How do I support it?

Head over to register, login and support open source projects like GIMP via crowdfunding! ~€ 700 are already funded, ~ 1300 to go!

More information can be found on Jehans blog entry.

Take the poll, too: Would you donate for a development of a new GIMP feature (crowdfunding)?

Watch the demo on Youtube


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JjStAr member for over 8 years JjStAr 1 comment
about 8 years ago

Sweet feature. Can't wail for it!

about 8 years ago

Hopefully this will never be implemented into GIMP.. It's just another useless tool that just creates a bloated app full of of junk, and horrible work-flow.

Totally agree with Francois_C

unhammer member for about 12 years unhammer 25 comments
about 8 years ago

Francois, you could always create one of these and see if someone bites:

That said, stuff is happening on high bit depth, but typically by other contributors, e.g. Elle Stone, Øyvind Kolås. More info:

The fact that Jehan works on painting tools (he does, after all, collaborate with a digital painter) doesn't mean other contributers can't work on photography tools.

about 8 years ago

Bells and whistles, tiny DIY gadgets. I'll never use that (I could already do it when I really needed, which happens once a decade). We need REAL improvements, and 16-bit editing.

unhammer member for about 12 years unhammer 25 comments rated this topic with 5/5
about 8 years ago

36.4 % funded already :-)