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First experimental GIMP 2.9 with 16Bit support for Windows

By at 2012-10-15 12:51:25 UTC, last updated about 9 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GIMP 2.9 with 16bit support for Windows GIMP 2.9 with 16bit support for Windows (image by

Back in May the GIMP developers have shown the first development version of GIMP that could handle 16/32bit per color channel. Now Partha Bagchi made it happen that Windows users can try this out for the first time!

Keep in mind that this is very a experimental version and not intended for production use. On his website he released a version he built from git, so it is possibly one of the latest version you can currently get.

If you’re lucky the version will work for you, however, on a quick test on my virtualbox Windows Vista 64 (SP1) the version crashed after the start-up process with an empty single window mode without docks and I was not able to do anything. I’ll test this on some other computers later on and will update the news if I’m able to run it.

We’ve included the link into our combined downloads section for future reference.

Update 17.10.12: Currently the download at is temporarily disabled due to some bugs, that made it impossible to launch GIMP 2.9

Update 2 – 24.10.12: There is a new version up now, that’s working better (at least for me ;)) – no crashes in GIMP itself anymore, however the on-canvas-editing is very slow so this version should really only be used to get a quick look into the current development progress!


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trad member for over 10 years trad 7 comments
about 9 years ago

When gimp is open and press any button it is hang and crash immediately !

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
about 9 years ago

what kind of error do you encounter, trad?

about 9 years ago

conheci e gostei muito

trad member for over 10 years trad 7 comments
about 9 years ago

It dosn't work with me !
Windows 7 64bit

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
about 9 years ago

Thanks for the link! I've shared your site via twitter and

Hah Bumbug
about 9 years ago

I've read Parth'a site, and largely thanks to reading some advice there (long ago), I posted my own page on how to build Gimp 2.9 for MinGW 32-bit. My page is very, very detailed for newbies. Others (from Poland!) report that the instructions work for them, too. So if you have a 32-bit Windows machine, and wish to compile Gimp yourself (up to date instructions, from scratch, October 2012) here is the URL:

drawoc member for about 9 years drawoc 1 comment
about 9 years ago

Partha's build wasn't the first with 16 bpc support - I've been running nightly builds of the gimp for windows for a few months now. You can get my builds here:

I haven't publicized them too much because gimp 2.9 is still very early in development and not very stable yet. They are an alternative to partha's unstable builds, though.

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
about 9 years ago

I doubt that the developers will release such a big new feature in an already released stable branch. 2.8.4. should be released soon, but I think it will only be a bugfix release, no 16bit-support. This will likely come wth GIMP 2.10.

gpzt member for over 9 years gpzt 13 comments
about 9 years ago

Can't wait for the 16-bit upcoming version of Gimp which, according to what I have read previously, should be named 2.8.4 in its stable version (odd numbers will not exist anymore). Being 80% satisfied with 2.8.2, I think I'll wait eagerly for a STABLE 16-bit version for Windows 7-64 bits !
Best Regards

josephbupe member for over 10 years josephbupe 20 comments rated this topic with 4/5
about 9 years ago


Thank you so much for the information. Partha has been so kind in compiling the GIMP source code for users.

But I will wait for layer effects in GIMP. That will be fun for me and a new experience all together as for the single-window mode.

Stay well.