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First official Mac build for GIMP 2.8.2 available!

By at 2012-08-28 15:13:28 UTC, last updated over 7 years ago. CC BY-NC License

First official Mac build for GIMP 2.8.2 available! First official Mac build for GIMP 2.8.2 available!

There was a note of the developers some weeks ago that there will be an official build for GIMP on Mac OSX, now this has come true and an officially supported build is available!

It is the first time that GIMP has got an official version for Mac users in history. We’ve included this build into our downloads section too, and users that are surfing on our site will automatically get this official build suggested from now on (at the top right corner of our website).

This version (not a build by or which had one recently) was created by Clayton Walker, who announced it on thi official mailing list thread. It comes with no preinstalled third party plugins and is a native build!

I don’t own a Mac myself, so if anyone has time to try this build just drop a comment on how the build is running and if you see some differences compared to other unofficial builds you had before.


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loopyfilms member for almost 7 years loopyfilms 1 comment
almost 7 years ago

Want to love Gimp, but finding performance laggy on my 2009 iMac running 10.7.5. Sometimes tools won't change when I click on toolbar icon. Sometimes filters don't work when I click apply.
Just had a kernel panic [first one I've seen in 18 months on my mac] when applying a gaussian blur to a layer mask, with iPhoto open in background. Edits take a couple of seconds to show up as they render in bands. Makes turning on/off layers or edits to compare impractical. Hope builds get better because in most senses it is fantastic - photoshop for free!

Corey Thomas
about 7 years ago

When creating a semi circle, where do you find the add text to path function?

over 7 years ago

When a dialog is opened (like when exporting, or using a Filter), the dialog window doesn't always open on top. So you only see it appear in the dock as a generic icon, if you pay attention...

over 7 years ago

The export window for jpg is still opening behind main window. I have to extract it with Command-Shift-Tab. A little annoying, but otherwise this is great.

Spender member for about 10 years Spender 3 comments
over 7 years ago

Thanks guys. I solve the problem. Happy Gimping.

Lars R.
over 7 years ago

@akky I just gave it a try, and the status bar is more readable, but it doesn't recognize my tablet, which is obviously an even bigger downside.

Akky member for over 10 years Akky 8 comments
over 7 years ago

@lars have you tried parthas version for Mac yet??? its listed here as well

Lars R.
over 7 years ago

I just downloaded this native version and it works great. But I'd like the font in the status bar to be bigger. Is there a way to configure that font size? While trying myself, I also noticed that reloading the theme decreases the font size in the box that's showing the scaling percentage even further every time.

Akky member for over 10 years Akky 8 comments
over 7 years ago

thanks Clayton for answering me,….I'm not that clever that I can build it myself unfortunately…I'd just like to be able to add gmic to what you have done, which I have been able to in the past…but its just not happening as it has with Simones versions….other things are working however like brushes patterns gradients and added scripts…just not GMIC.

over 7 years ago

Hi there Akky,
About plugins, I currently do not ship with any plugins whatsoever. This is simply to keep the size of gimp down, and make it easier on me. I've literally spent half of my day today fixing all of these issues, and sprucing up the app bundle.

If and when I get more time, I believe I'll be making another dmg available which includes a bunch of pre-built plugins, gmic being the most popular one. But for now, I must sleep. I am human after all. :D

If you'd like to get gmic built and installed, I see no other method than building gimp yourself from source, using either macports or jhbuild. And it's not exactly fun. :/

Either way, good luck, and thanks for the support.

-- Clayton Walker

Akky member for over 10 years Akky 8 comments
over 7 years ago

disappointed that there is still no gmic in there :( and cant get it to work using the previous methods…Can you give me any clues Clayton please…I really want to get this happening

over 7 years ago

Hi, and updated gimp bundle has been released. You can download it from the gimp website.

Alian Arco
over 7 years ago

@Thomas you add scripts like layers effects under the following
also until fixed, right click your mouse and use that menu to access filters etc, they will be in the foreground.

Thomas Boito
over 7 years ago

I'm so far mostly satisfied with this native Mac version of GIMP. I'd like to install the Layer Effects plugin, but I haven't yet figured out how to do this.
And, dialogs always open behind the open windows and need to be dragged out.

InsomniacP member for over 9 years InsomniacP 3 comments
over 7 years ago

Great news guys, on vacation right now but I will download it when I get home!

Akky member for over 10 years Akky 8 comments
over 7 years ago

@spender, being a native version, it does not require X11 to operate so it will not open as not needed.

Akky member for over 10 years Akky 8 comments
over 7 years ago

the addition of extra brushes, gradients, pallettes, scripts etc is slightly different and I'm stillsearching for a way to get Gmic added but sure it will happen sooner or later…thus far tho I am really impressed with parthas version which has gmic included along with some extra scripts etc built in to it and is also a native version not requiring X11. I have yet to see an improvement with this version and if I cant get gmic in then it will be of no use to me at all…It looks pretty tho

Spender member for about 10 years Spender 3 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 7 years ago

Thanks for helping. I been using Gimp for years without any problem. Everytime I open up Gimp X11 land up at the dock. Today X11 dont exist. Why.

over 7 years ago

Yeeesss! Been waiting for this for a long time.

This version runs quite well on my MacBook Pro.

cons, the filters windows still open behind the main window, there's a little bit of brush icon circle thingy lag but the brush work itself is smooth, no real dark theme yet, I would love to see something that looks like final cut pro X.

Pros, No X11/XQuarts! startup is way faster no X11 icon cluttering the doc, Hot keys make sense now, it now respects stuff you copy in gimp to the clipboard!, and probably a lot more, It's awesome!

Thank you GIMP!

over 7 years ago

I have no idea how they did this, but considering, at first blush it looks and works great. Truly miraculous.