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By at 2012-08-12 14:39:49 UTC, last updated over 9 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GIMP 2.8 in native Mac environment GIMP 2.8 in native Mac environment always was a nice place to get up-to-date Windows versions of GIMP in the past. Now he offers a Mac OS X build too.

The difference between the one that was made by is that parthas build is now a native one, that doesn’t use the X11 graphics server. We’ve included both downloads in our downloads section. I myself cannot tell you which one is working better since I’m not a Mac user.

Some of the important plugins (G’MIC, wavelet, etc) are preinstalled in this build.

You need Snow Leopard or later to run parthas build. Have fun!


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over 9 years ago

Mitch actually fixed all of the shortcuts and mac menu bar a while ago, it's just that now we actually have fixed some of the main bugs that caused gimp on osx to crash. And we support tablet pressure with a patch. As well as properly ordered open/save dialogs.

Akky member for about 12 years Akky 8 comments
over 9 years ago

its the command /apple key from my experience on Lion so probably the same on Mountain Lion…if not I'll let you know

unhammer member for about 12 years unhammer 25 comments
over 9 years ago

Does it use the apple key for keyboard shortcuts, or still ctrl? (I don't run OS X anymore, just curious …)

Akky member for about 12 years Akky 8 comments
over 9 years ago

Probably should also mention that I have it running sweetly in both Mountain Lion and Lion on 2 different computers.

over 9 years ago

Thanks partha for this Mac native version of GIMP 2.8. Its a very nice build and runs smoothly and has some nice extras built in to it as well. Very easy to use. I love the look and feel of it.