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New community contest! Paint a nature landscape from scratch in GIMP!

By at 2012-07-21 12:14:11 UTC, last updated almost 11 years ago. CC BY-NC License

New contets overview shows the top 5 entries and votes New contets overview shows the top 5 entries and votes

We’ve just created our third contest here on This time we want you to show us your painting skills by creating a nature landscape scene in GIMP!

All details for the contest are also shown in the widget to the right during the submission period.

Besides of our new contest we’ve also redesigned the "contests overview page":/contests to give your submitted work a more appealing outfit. Every contest now shows the top 5 entries and the number of votes. The second thing we changed was that it is now easier to click through all of the submissions by just choosing the next/previous one. This makes the voting easier too!

But for now we wish you a great time of painting and are are curious for your submissions ;) Have fun!


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