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GIMP 2.7.5 (last test before GIMP 2.8) now available!

By at 2012-03-13 00:33:54 UTC, last updated about 12 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GIMP 2.7.5 Splash Screen GIMP 2.7.5 Splash Screen by Alexandre Prokoudine

With GIMP 2.7.5, the last step towards the long expected GIMP 2.8 has been made by the developers.

This will be the last in the unstable GIMP 2.7 series. GIMP 2.7.5 is considered somehow a beta version for 2.8 or even a release candidate. It has exactly the same features and functionality which 2.8 will have. The devs want to really release in (late?) March. No more real bugs are blocking the release (Michael Natterer and others have fixed them all in the last weeks). The last big missing thing was the lack of support for the PDB paint API which has also been fixed now! So all the important stuff is completed.

Currently the final text for the release notes for 2.8 is being written. After 2.7.5 only the completion of the release notes, a decision for a splash screen and some Web updates have to be made. So, GIMP community, you’ve been patient – very patient but now prepare for the launch of GIMP 2.8 – it seems to be almost imminent. Wohohoooo ;)


As always, the link to the GIMP 2.7.5 source code is available in our downloads section. As soon as a Windows build is available, we will update this article.

Changes in GIMP 2.7.5

(Taken from the NEWS file)


  • Minor application menu fixes on the Mac
  • Make the toolbox arbitrarily resizable again
  • Add axis labels to the dynamics curves to make them more obvious
  • Fix dockable showing to do the right thing in both MWM and SWM
  • Fix some glitches in the tool preset UI, like proper sensitivity


  • Restore autoshrink functionality in the rectangle tools
  • Allow smudge to work with dynamic brushes
  • Make sure tool presets and tool options are consistent after loading
  • Add automatic tags for the folders a file lives in
  • Make the default Quick Mask color configurable
  • Fix Color Balance so the “range” setting actually makes a difference


  • Proper toplevel item sorting in the help browser
  • Use libraries instead of launching programs in file-compressor
  • Use the Ghostscript library instead of launching ghostscript
  • Allow to switch off antialiasing when importing from PDF
  • Embed the page setup in the main print dialog
  • Port Gfig to cairo


  • Add PDB API to modify a lot of paint and ink options


  • Add a new set of default brushes and tool presets from Ramon Miranda

Developer documentation:

  • Update everything including app/ so all functions appear again

Source and build system:

  • Remove the unmaintained makefile.msc build system
  • Explicitly link plug-ins to*lm when needed
  • Also create .xz tarballs


  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Tons and tons of translation updates


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Kneops member for about 12 years Kneops 3 comments
about 12 years ago

That's bad news for me :(. I'm already searching the web for people who would like to get involved in this. I'm not a programmer myself, helas...

about 12 years ago

There are no relevant changes to Exif and IPTC support in 2.7.x (and 2.8). See the following bug report:

In particular:

"With the current estimates we won't have time to do this for 2.8. In fact, I don't think we will get around doing it for 2.10 if not someone from the outside starts working on this. Putting on milestone Future."

Maybe you can help to find someone who wants to add this to the affected file format plug-ins?

Kneops member for about 12 years Kneops 3 comments
about 12 years ago

Great news! But what about the continuing story of the missing/stripped exif and iptc data? I would gladly do without all the new and improved features and have iptc/exif support. Can't do without it, being a professional photographer :(.

Edu Pérez
about 12 years ago

@Sol & StarSunflower & drBouvierLeduc:

I installed 2.7.4 on a Fedora 15 box that did not meet any of the dependencies (glib / gtk+ / ...). The trick is to install _everything_ (dependencies included) in a separate directory (/opt/GIMP-2.7, for example).

There is an article at that can be used as a guide.

trad member for about 13 years trad 7 comments
about 12 years ago

great works :)

about 12 years ago

@Sol & StarSunflower : as far as I understand, GIMP 2.7.4+ can't be installed in ubuntu prior to 12.04 because of some dependancies (glib and gtk+). And by the way, trying to upgrade those libraries on old Ubuntu versions will most certainly ruin your system, so I guess we'll have to wait until both Ubuntu 12.04 and GIMP 2.8 come out.

about 12 years ago

Yeah it would be cool if I could install the 2.7.5 version or the (2.8) on 10.04 buntu! :) Does anyone have any guides, -the ones that don't crash my system after the updates? :P

about 12 years ago

Nice! Do you know if the final release will be available in the 10.04 (Lucid) *buntu repos? I can only get up to 2.7.2 with

unhammer member for over 14 years unhammer 25 comments rated this topic with 5/5
about 12 years ago


about 12 years ago

It's amazing what you guys continually do and improve! Really stunning software! (of which I probably can't use more than 2%, so feature-rich it is!). Thanks!!