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GSoC11: Great success of the new "Adaptive/Seamless Cloning" tool!

By at 2011-09-09 11:46:00 UTC, last updated about 10 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Barak Itkin (LightningIsMyName) had great success in developing the new Seamless/Adaptive cloning tool for GIMP!

The tool allows you to roughly cut out a part of an image (step 1) and paste it to another image (step 2). The lightning situation (brightness & contrast) will then be adjusted to fit the colors of the destination image after applying a click on the image while having the new tool active (click SHIFT+L to select it – step 3). This already works very well as you can see in his preview video on YouTube

If you want to try it out yourself (also be aware of some [temporary] limitations of the tool) you should read Barak Itkins Blog. It has an article online to guide you how you can use/try the tool out by yourself! You may also ant to read our Tutorial on compiling GIMP 2.7 yourself. Instead of the master branch use the “soc-2011-seamless-clone2” branch.

The sad news: The new tool will probably not be implemented in GIMP 2.8 yet according to the GIMP Roadmap. But we can still hope that the author has enaugh time to complete and polish the feature for 2.8. There’s a little chance ;)

Congratulations to LightningIsMyName! Great work and a very useful new tool that will push GIMP a step further in being an excellent image editing program ;)

Thanks to our user “Radek” for informing us about the video!


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about 10 years ago

Where can I get a Windows-Build? It would be great to have this tool now.

about 10 years ago

Fantastic tool for Gimp-2.7!
I have requested a windows build from Partha and i hope he gives it a try so we can check it out.The new clone tool is simply amazing.

Nice job LightningIsMyName!