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GIMP 2.7.3 for Windows released!

By at 2011-08-30 23:04:30 UTC, last updated over 10 years ago. CC BY-NC License

An official build of GIMPs latest unstable development version 2.7.3 has been released for Windows users! We’ve tested the build with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Both seem to work very well, except for the text tool (we experienced some crashes using it).

The official build is found on sourceforge and was made by Jernej Simončič. This is a plain 2.7.3 version and does not include any special plugins like G’MIC.

We’ve created a new download linking to the official site. Windows users go here to download the latest unstable version! Have fun and enjoy most of the cool new features that will be released with GIMP 2.8 in the end of the year. However keep in mind that 2.7.3 is maybe not working or crashing on your system since it is a development version.

On you’ll also find builds for Windows users for GIMP 2.7. The builds there already include special plugins like G’MIC and are based on nightly tarballs and not on the snapshot for GIMP 2.7.3 which was released some days ago-.


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almost 10 years ago

Hi Team Gimp.Great work .Do i need to delete the older version i'm currently using? Or does V2.7.3 automatically upgrade the old version? Thanks

ang3la member for over 13 years ang3la 1 comment
almost 10 years ago

Very nice. Can't change names of layers and paths by double-clicking on the name. That's the only thing I've noticed yet.

The Kinky goat was an interesting choice for the splash screen :)

lucky member for almost 11 years lucky 5 comments
about 10 years ago

Kind of the same problem here with Intuos 3, it only draws straight lines from a cursor offset position to the actual cursor position.

about 10 years ago

Can't seem to get it to recognize my Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet. It knows there's such device, but still selects "Core Pointer" instead of "Wacom Stylus". Therefore it doesn't detect pressure. I hope this is fixed, because the new dynamics are kinda useless if I can't even use pressure.

Michael Schumacher
about 10 years ago

Changes of the image windows size on zoom are a setting in the preferences' image window section. I don't get a freeze when chaing the size of dockable dialogs in multi-window mode here.

Not sure about the minimize, i.e. what it is supposed to be - the docks seem to have a minimum width and height, is that it?

over 10 years ago

@devvv: Well, the major bugs are mainly related to UI. For example. CTRL + scroll increases / decreases the whole window and not the canvas (manual zoom e.g. 200% has the same effect). Customizing the size of the panels freezes, you can not minimize the size of the panel etc (this also applies to single window mode). But it looks like that it's just for this windows (vista) compilation, because linux (ubuntu) version works fine.

lucky member for almost 11 years lucky 5 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 10 years ago

Good news, much appreciated!

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
over 10 years ago

radek: We've many reports of the text tool crashing GIMP. What else did you notice?

over 10 years ago

Buggy as hell, but something at least.

McAleen member for over 10 years McAleen 2 comments
over 10 years ago

kewl! thanks!

over 10 years ago

I installed the windows version last Wednesday (24/8) and have had no problems so far with XP. Am running 2.7.3 on 2 different XP machines and one Windows 7 machine.

Coche member for over 12 years Coche 13 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 10 years ago

Cooool!! that is great news. Thanks

McAleen member for over 10 years McAleen 2 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 10 years ago

What about us poor souls that still have XP Pro. Can we use it?