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New development version: GIMP 2.7.3 released

By at 2011-08-21 22:42:48 UTC, last updated over 10 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GIMP 2.7.3 includes the latest changes in GIMPs current unstable development series 2.7. For example you’ll find the almost finished version of the single window mode in it which now remebers if you activated the mode or not. Also there have been tweaks and improevments in the docking of dialogues in the SWM.

However there have been many many other changes that you can see below. I.e. cairo is now used to load PDF files, GIMPs new cage tool is now working even better, and (if your already worked with 2.7.2 you’ll find this very useful:) you can now make use of the simple picking of layers contents with the move tool in layer groups (thanks!!!), etc etc.

We’ve taken that the changes right from the official NEWS file. You can find the download to the source code for 2.7.3 in our Downloads section Latest builds for windows users will maybe follow soon (probably by We’ll link them as soon as he built the latest version! Thanks in advance to partha for building GIMP for windows users.

Download GIMP 2.7.3

Changes in GIMP 2.7.3


  • Use GimpSpinScales instead of scale entries in all dockable widgets
  • Allow the spin scale to control a range larger than its scale’s range
  • Implement RTL mode in GimpSpinScale
  • Add lots of tooltips to tool options
  • Allow to drop more things to the empty image window, and simply
    create new images from them
  • Cage tool: allow to add handle to the cage when clicking on an edge
  • Cage tool: allow to remove selected handles from the cage by hitting delete
  • Remember column widths in multi-column dock windows
  • Support starting GIMP in single-window mode
  • When the brush is shared among paint tools, also share all
    brush-modifying paint options
  • Use ALT+number and ALT+Tab shortcuts to navigate between images
    in both single- and multi-window mode
  • Make ‘Export to’ always activatable and fall back to ‘Export…’ if
    no export target has been set yet
  • In single-window mode, add new dockable dialogs to the image window
    instead of in a new window
  • When switching on single-window mode, put docks in the image window
    depending on what side of the window they originally had
  • When switching off single-window mode, distribute dock windows
  • Add a canvas item for the transform grid, fixing a major speed
    regression, and add the same guides options as in the rectangle tools
  • Don’t unmaximize the single-window mode image window when closing
  • Resurrect the “You can drop dockable dialogs here” help string
    below the toolbox
  • Make pick-and-move with the Move Tool work for layers in a layer


  • Add GimpMotionBuffer which abstracts away stroke smoothing behind
    a simple API and takes it out of GimpDisplayShell
  • Add a GimpIdTable utility class
  • Add a GimpDockContainer interface
  • Add a GimpSessionManaged interface
  • Add GimpCanvasRectangleGuides which makes the rectangle tool’s
    guides draw properly


  • Make libgimp depend on GdkPixbuf
  • Add API to create layers from cairo surfaces
  • Make it impossible to include individual files from any GIMP
    library. This was always forbidden and designed so it most
    probably breaks, but now it reliably breaks using #error
  • Deprecate the “set_sensitive” logic and use g_object_bind_property()


  • Use poppler’s cairo API to load PDFs, the pixbuf API is removed
  • Port screenshot from GdkPixbuf to cairo
  • Fix the annoying parser build warnings in imagemap
  • Add a check-for-deprecated-procedures-in-script-fu make target
  • Update libpng code to not use deprecated API (file-mng and file-png)
  • Add an Item class to pygimp
  • Correct/update some labels and defaults in the JPEG plug-in’s save dialog UI
  • Fix “Bug 596410* gimp-image-get-filename returns NULL for imported files”

Developer documentation:

  • Many updates

Source and build system:

  • Make cairo a global dependency, starting at libgimpcolor
  • Require poppler >= 0.12.4
  • Remove gimp-remote for good, it has been disabled for years


  • Some more undeprecations now that we use GTK+ 2.24
  • Fix lots of warnings that are new in -Wall in GCC 4.6
  • Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
  • Lots of translation updates


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devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
over 10 years ago

Thanks for the update Michael, that seems to be a good way to make dev releases clearer / more understandable to the public users!

Michael Schumacher
over 10 years ago

There are plans to avoid this version number confusion in previous branches (most likely 2.9 onwards):

- odd micro versions (e.g. 2.9.1, 2.9.3, 2.9.5, ...) will be used for git
- if a development release is made from such builds, then it will have the next even micro version (2.9.2, 2.9.4, 2.9.6, ...)

[and before anyone asks, I do not know how the .0 releases are handled in this scenario, maybe there won't be any for dev builds :)]

redforce member for over 15 years redforce 230 comments
over 10 years ago

@Rod: Please note that Partha just COULD NOT HAVE 2.7.3 for about 2-3 months because it was released two days ago.

Parthas numbering scheme is incorrect, confusing and causes many troubles in the community. (I wonder when the first people will ask for the feature X that is available in version 2.7.3 but not in Parthas "2.7.3")

over 10 years ago

I understand this a development version, but the painting tools are so much slower than 2.6, on windows anyway.

I guess this will be addressed in the released version?

over 10 years ago

Nicely done folks!Some great improvements.As i stated before i have had 2.7.3 by Partha for Windows for about 2-3 months now and i love it. :)

He has informed me 2.7.4 will be coming soon also.So keep your eyes open for it.

Anyone wanting Parthas version of 2.7.3 can go here to download it for Windows.


devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
over 10 years ago

great stuff! big thanks to the developers!