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GSoC 2011: Adaptive cloning, iWarp tool, openCL and more!

By at 2011-04-26 22:45:10 UTC, last updated over 10 years ago. CC BY-NC License

In this years GSoC (a sponsorship program by Google that supports all kind of open source software) GIMP will be supported with 5 new coding projects!

All of these projects are really cool:

Adaptive Cloning

With Adaptive Cloning Barak Itkin (mentor: Michael Natterer) tries to enhance the cloning tool in GIMP by implementing a new algorithm that allows to clone parts seamlessly of one image to another one. The cloned parts should then have adapted lightning applied to it to fit the brightness and lightning situation of the destination image. Another task on this is to use hardware acceleration to make the adapted cloning perform well.

GtkEntry-Widget instead of GimpSizeEntry

The GimpSizeEntry Widget shall be replaced. Currently all entered values are managed externally, after switching to GtkEntry this would work directly and internal. (Student: Enrico Schröder, Mentor: Martin Nordholts)

iWarp as a tool

Michael Muré (who already successfully developed GIMPs new cage based transform tool in 2010) this time works on GIMPs iWarp-Filter, which should be turned into a tool that makes it possible to work directly on canvas like a painting tool (like the Liquify filter in Adobe Photoshop). The mentor for this project is Alexia Death.

GIMP Filters as GEGL operations

A very important thing for GIMPs filters is the porting of the old filters to new GEGL based operations. This is another step into GIMPs non destructive future which will be taken care of by Robert Sasu, mentored by Murkund Sivaraman.

OpenCL in GEGL

Victor Oliveira takes care of another very important project for GIMP namley the acceleration of GIMP through OpenCL via GEGL. The aim here is to use GPU shaders via OpenCL (if present or available by the graphics card), which would result in a massive performance boost due to parallel execution of multiple processes for a single task. All that should be managed by the use of GEGL operations that make it possible to parallelize work on tiles (tiles are sup-parts of an image that can be worked seperatley on). João S. O. Bueno is Victors mentor on this project!

The coding phase begins on May 23rd and ends in late August. Theoretically – if a project is very successful, and if there is still no feature freeze for 2.8 – it could be implemented into GIMP 2.8 which is currently aimed for late November 2011.

One thing left to say: The one that does not appreciate these 5 great coding projects
is not a real GIMP fan ;)

Thanks to our user Granner for informing us about the publishing of the GSoC projects.


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unhammer member for about 12 years unhammer 25 comments
over 10 years ago

frobotz: If I appeared condescending, I apologise.

However, I fail to see how "who has the most years of programming experience" has anything relevant to do with the discussion at hand. If you find any of the arguments I put forward to be faulty, a good counter-argument would be much more appreciated.

over 10 years ago

To unhammer: I started programming in 1986 (i.e. 25 years ago) and have, since then, kept doing so, full time, both as an employee and as a consultant. You don't need to teach me the "facts of life" of programming or project management. B.t.w., if your avatar is really you, probably my programming experience predates your birth.

unhammer member for about 12 years unhammer 25 comments
over 10 years ago

frobotz, also, certain tasks may be dependent on other tasks, e.g. you can't Announce String Freeze until strings for version 2.8 are set in stone, and that means no more GUI changes (or, at least none that touch anything translatable). Looking over that list of tasks, it does seem more logical that they'll be working on the higher-workload tasks first.

unhammer member for about 12 years unhammer 25 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 10 years ago

frobotz, have you hired anyone from the GIMP team to work on those one-day tasks? If not, how can you tell whether there are any "clients" and how the devs are handling them?

Besides, if someone is working on an 8-day task, it'll take 8 days for that to disappear, so you can't just keep looking once every day and expect each one-day task to go once per day (that would also presume that there is a dev working full-time on those, and only those, tasks). That list is meant to give an _estimate_, not a promise.

Bob K.
over 10 years ago

So are we going to be able to set single window mode as default?. So we don't have to change it everytime we open the application.

over 10 years ago

really exciting features, especially the OpenCl support ! good luck for everyone

Cezzare member for almost 11 years Cezzare 4 comments rated this topic with 3/5
over 10 years ago

I guess I should apologize (really), I'm sorry I sounded a bit like a troll. However I would also like explain why is that I had that doubt. These past days I've been taking part in a comic-coloring workshop. There, the instructor worked using "that" tool from adobe. He mentioned some interesting things about the specific requirements usually requested by comic companies, one of those was that the finished coloring work must be in cmyk. While this is a bit specific, keeping in mind that Gimp is a bit more oriented to photographic edition, I couldn't stop myself from asking about it. However, I apologize again. Greetings!

over 10 years ago

Meanwhile, version 2.8 todo list does not signal any activity, not even on 1 day items. Before talking about spectacular stuff I would rather fix bugs like #596410.

Sorry for being acid, but should I behave like this with my clients I would be toast.

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
over 10 years ago

Cezzare: High-end CMYK support is currently considered pretty low priority by the GIMP dev team. Printing companies do the conversion of RGB to CMYK theirselves pretty well meanwhile, thats what I've seen happening in the last years, so I think real CMYK support is more and more becoming less important.

Cezzare member for almost 11 years Cezzare 4 comments
over 10 years ago

The iWarp tool sounds great, this is a feature I always missed from Ps. Mmmh, so, no real CMYK support yet?

over 10 years ago

GPU acceleration was promised before on and earlier SoC a few years back but nothing came of it. Hopefully this time something will. Also do like the idea of iWarp directly on the working layer canvas; long overdue imo.

Coche member for over 12 years Coche 13 comments rated this topic with 5/5
over 10 years ago

Very cool projects this year!! I like the iWarp as a tool and the Adaptive cloning, but the other projects are interesting too :)

devvv member for over 15 years devvv 1475 comments
over 10 years ago

All these projects sound so damn great ;) Cant't wait for them - especially the openCL thing and the iWarp tool (one of my personal big WANTs for years)!
hope the students have fun on coding all of this! wohohohoo!

Mahvin member for almost 11 years Mahvin 4 comments
over 10 years ago

Let's hope for one very successful SoC! Go teams!