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Winners of our splash screen contest

By at 2011-02-22 03:00:00 UTC, last updated almost 11 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Our first contest has ended – and for the last 10 days all of you were able to vote for the best splash screens!

Well, time is over and we’ve got some winners to announce!

Top 5: The first place goes to NanoLight2 with 31 votes and is the clear winner of the contest. Congratulations! The second place goes to JanKardel with 18 votes, followed closely by deburger and davidoan with the same counts of votes (17). Our fifths place got 12 votes and was submitted by Trillrund.

After that the field of votes is pretty dense. For the full details of the results please head over to the submissions page of the contest where now everyone can see the amount of votes! We want to thank everyone who participated and hope you all had a great time and fun with our first contest, many many more will follow in the future :) If you want to propose topic/idea for a new contest just post it in the comments, we appreciate any suggestions!


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almost 11 years ago

congratulations to the winners, you've definately chosen good ones ;) although: this one is my personal favorite: