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GIMP artists! Your help is needed!

By at 2010-07-08 00:13:13 UTC, last updated about 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

When GIMP 2.8 is hopefully released at the end of this year / at the begin of 2011 there shall be a lot more standard resources available. For this GIMP needs help from all the enthusiastic artists our there! Contribute now!

If you’re fit enough to do quality resources by yourself now is the best time to contribute it to the GIMP! Needed are all kind of resources including bitmap and vector brushes, textures, patterns and more! All these things should be designed for general use (nothing too specific). Be sure also to tag your ressources since GIMP 2.8 will have new taggable resources.

Helping the developers couldnt be easier: Just attach your stuff to this bug:

Also read Martin Nordholts post on this for further details!


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