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New brushes for your GIMP!

By at 2009-07-19 00:57:07 UTC, last updated about 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

For painters and designers they are a must have – custom brushes! They save lots of time and it is fun to work with new ones of course ;)

One of your users posted this in the mailing list forums ( and made us aware of a nice new GIMP website: The site offers various collected tutorials as well as a nice brushes section:

*GIMP-Brushes list: *

If you download a brush extract the archive and copy the .gbr or .abr file into the /gimp-2.6/brushes directory. Close and restart GIMP and you’ll find the new brushes in the brushes drop-down-list.

In the new upcoming GIMP 2.8 (which will be released somewhen in late autumn or winter) there will be a new feature called “resource tagging”. You will then be able to tag brushes with a certain keyword. You can then filter your brushes using these tags! Great thing! Until GIMP 2.8 is coming to the public you’ll have to stick with a big single list in alphabetical order. Have fun with you new brushes!


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mtu1492 member for almost 13 years mtu1492 2 comments rated this topic with 4/5
about 9 years ago

I found a youtube video on how to rotate and edit brushes. Also, gave instructions on different settings for brushes.

about 9 years ago

mtu1492, this has been posted over 4 years ago...

mtu1492 member for almost 13 years mtu1492 2 comments rated this topic with 3/5
about 9 years ago

I wonder if gimpusers try out the websites posted by users first, I added the link to my firewall exceptions and found a round about advertising links everywhere. Have your users post easy access, without all the traps.

over 11 years ago


about 13 years ago

You can rotate brushes using the Python Edit Brushes plugin. You can find this at the Gimp Registry.

Python is easy to install, just follow the tutorial under "Tutorial - Scripts & Programming" link. It's extremely easy to follow. Took me less than 5 minutes to install. But I did have to re-install GIMP, which is easy to do as well.

ggdancer member for over 14 years ggdancer 3 comments
about 13 years ago

you can always turn off the show brush outline in preferences > Image windows. that will just give a pointer which is ok if your not doing fine adjustments but I think it makes it a bit harder to position the brush accurately.

Alexia Death
about 13 years ago

Rotating brushes will be in 2.8. I know for sure since I wrote some code to make it so... Brush slowness is much deeper issue and unlikely to be cured in a long while, perhaps by 2.10 something happens.

about 13 years ago

What about using big brushes (above 150px) and getting all slow. Photoshop works well with the same ABR brushes, but i get this with both big abr and gbr.

about 13 years ago

Nice to see GIMP will be able to organize brushes. I'm getting so many now that they're hard to find sometimes.

JNormann member for about 14 years JNormann 2 comments
about 13 years ago

Presently the only way to rotate or change the way a brush is used is to rotate the image and not the brush, which limits the brush angle as you know not to mention the logistics of painting backwards and upside down. Look forward to that aspect if its in the 2.8 version coming up.

devvv member for about 16 years devvv 1475 comments
about 13 years ago

serr8d: rotating brushes will be introduced in GIMP 2.8 as well! there is no way to rotate them in 2.6

rafiboy000: yes, that is also possible of course.

about 13 years ago

Well i don't know about restarting the program but when i load new brushes in i just click "refresh brushes".

about 13 years ago

I've a question concerning brushes; specifically, how to rotate an existing brush, especially the small calligraphic brushes, which seem to me to be fixed at, say, this angle / , and I would like to rotate them to, say, this \ angle.

It's probably simple, but I'm at a loss. Can't seem to figure out how to do it!