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GAP for GIMP 2.6 released

By at 2009-06-18 00:08:05 UTC, last updated about 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GAP is a collection of GIMP plugins that make it possible to create animations as sequences of single frames. The result can be saved as animated GIF, AVI or MPEG file (external libraries are used for this).

Now GAP 2.6.0 has been released. The new version is optimised for GIMP 2.6 and offers some new functionality.

From the NEWS file:

- Storyboard undo support
- Storyboard section support. complex scenes can be described within subsections
where each subsection can arrange multiple clips in multiple individual video tracks.

- Storyboard clips support new deinterlace modes Odd First, Even First

- Player supports extracting audio track when playing clips
that refere to a videofile that has one or more audiotrack(s)
(the extracted audio can be used for audioplayback
if audiosupport is enabled and wavplay is installed)

- Filtermacro processing now supports mapping to
persistent drawable id references.
This allows applying recorded filtermacros in another gimp session
in case the recorded last values buffer data contains references
to drawable ids.
such as the drawable for a bump map in the plug_in_bump_map,
or all the layers that were used to map on a quader in plug_in_map_object.

The persistent references can refer to anim frames (series of numbered images), multilayer images, or videofiles. Filtermacros can be applied with fixed or varying values in Storyboard clips. For varying values 2 filtermacros are required to provide from and to values. Iteration of persistent drawable ids is supported in case both refer to the same image, anim frame series or the same videofile.

- video extract supports generating transparency via bluebox effect.

- the master video encoder dialog now stays open while the encoder
process is running and shows encoding progress (with Cancel option)

- lossless frame extract and videocut for MJPEG encoded videoclips
is supported by the storyboard processor and in the
AVI1, FFMPEG and RAWFRAMES encoders (via dont recode flag)

- frontends for old external video encoders and the old xanim based
frame extract plug-in are not bulit per default.

- Modify Frames now supports creation of grayscale layer from
alpha channel, or layermask or mix of both

- added wrapper for rotate any angle.
(provides support for animated apply in “filter all layers”
or in fltermacros for rotation effects in storyboard clips)

- added wrapper for the resynthesizer
(provides support for animated apply of the 3rd party plug-in resynthesizer)

- external libs for vidoe read and write access
were updated to ffmpeg-0.5 and libmpeg3-1.8

- bugfixes and updates for the use with GIMP-2.6.x releases.(see ChangeLog for details)

Source code is available here:


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about 11 years ago

It don't have .exe installer? Only random rubbish that don't work :(

about 13 years ago

what file to i place it in

about 13 years ago

Tried compiling GAP 2.6 for Windows -- it would be my first time do to so. Tho, no luck.

I'm aware, I needed GIMP development files?!?

over 13 years ago

That's exactly what I thought, even if Lithuanian is my native language. No apologies necessary ;)

Alec_Burgess member for over 13 years Alec_Burgess 3 comments
over 13 years ago

> Windows installer:
Thanks very much. Took a couple of tries to get to let me make the download but it finally worked.

> Unfortunately it is in English only.
Glad you didn't say Lithuanian or Farsi only :-)
(apologies to anyone for whom that is native language)

over 13 years ago

Windows installer:
Unfortunately it is in English only.

over 13 years ago


redforce member for about 16 years redforce 230 comments
over 13 years ago

Don't know, but with UNIX/similar system you just have to expand it, then ./configure, make, make install

You can ask in the gimp-users forum (mailing list), maybe someone has made a Windows/Mac package

over 13 years ago

Is this Gap made for me to. Im a iMac Intel Leopard 10.5.7 user

Alec_Burgess member for over 13 years Alec_Burgess 3 comments
over 13 years ago

Is a Windows installer available (or will there be one)?