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6 Google Summer of Code Projects have been approved for GIMP&GEGL!

By at 2009-04-21 14:46:03 UTC, last updated about 13 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Googles Summer of Code 2009 has started and 6 projects have been approved for GIMP and GEGL.

You can see the sponsored students and their projects listed on the SoC-Website by Google. Also read the official mailing list message by Michael Schumacher on this topic!

Projekt: Better nonlinear resampler with built-in antialiasing (GEGL)
Student: Adam Turcotte
Mentor: Nicolas Robidoux

Projekt: Fast Adaptive Resampler Tailored For Transformations Which
Mostly Downsample (GEGL)
Student: eric daoust
Mentor: Nicolas Robidoux

Projekt: Improve Foreground Selection Tool
Student: Jie Ding
Mentor: Gerald Friedland

Projekt: OpenGL GPU-based Buffer & Operations in GEGL
Student: Jerson Michael Perpetua
Mentor: Martin Nordholts

Projekt: Proposal – Advanced GUI for brush dynamics (GIMP)
Student: Zhenfeng Zhao
Mentor: Kaja Liiv

Projekt: Performance tools and study of GEGL
Student: Henrik Akesson
Mentor: john cupitt

All projects sound very cool and interesting and for sure GIMP will take profit of them in the future. Most of the code of these projects will however be first seen in GIMP 2.10 (release in 2010).

The projects of last summers GSOC will be introduced into GIMP 2.8 (i.e. taggable gimp resources, on canvas text editing). There is no specific release date for GIMP 2.8 yet but we think that a public release in summer 2009 is possible.

We wish all GSoC student good luck and fun with their projects!


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almost 14 years ago

thanks to all the students that applied for gimp and gegl - your help is very much appreciated by the whole community ;) keep up the good work with GIMP - it's great to hear that so many projects have been sponsored by google!!!