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By at 2009-01-17 20:46:25 UTC, last updated about 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

We’re proud to announce a brand new feature for the The autosuggest feature! We also added an OpenSearch support in the upper right corner of your browser!

Test it: Just type some characters of a word into the search field for the site and wait a moment – the feature then suggests common words based on the phrase you entered. It is very useful and helps to determine good search strings/phrases.

The tool was developed by us and uses MySQLs full text index, which is very useful. There is currently NO other tool out there that can do this with a site using mysql as a database, so it’s totally unique in the internet! If you use MySQL for your website and you want to try the AutoSuggest feature for the site search yourself have a look here:

The tool is in early developement and totally free of charge. It’s published under the GPLv3.

Our new OpenSearch (which you can use by clicking the dropdown-menu in the upper right corner of you browsers quick search field) is also driven by that tool and has the autoSuggest/autoComplete feature.

We hope you like and enjoy the new feature!


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