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GIMP 2.6.3 available | Update: +Windows version

By at 2008-11-22 19:57:04 UTC, last updated about 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

The latest update for GIMP 2.6 fixes some bugs and brings some updated translations.

Bugs fixed:

  • 558454 – Plugin Map Color Range disappears from GIMP
  • 559239 – Error while loading psd-data
  • 560903 – Explicit zooming with e.g. ‘1’ should handle
    zoom-focus better
  • 560245 – Zoom selection always centered in the Navigation tab
  • 559490 – Wrong lang tags for ‘no’
  • 559292 – SOTA Chrome cannot accept different textures
  • 560375 – Clearing an already empty document history crashes GIMP
  • 559580 – Image windows need better default locations
  • 560283 – “Scale image…” causes distortion around edges
  • 559716 – Changing crop size in Crop Tool Options can make UI
  • 558549 – Stroking a single-point path with a paint tool
    crashes GIMP
  • 559015 – Move tool gives bad information about px moved
  • 558660 – help behavior for locales without manual translation

Updated translations:

  • Belarusian (be)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • German (de)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Lithuanian (lt)
  • Norwegian Bokmål (nb)
  • Norwegian Nynorsk (nn)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Romanian (ro)

You can find source and binary downloads (at the moment only for Fedora 8/9) on our download page.

Update: An executable installer for 2.6.3 on Windows is now also available in our downloads section.


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about 14 years ago

Hi Debris
May be you can download this manual

about 14 years ago

Hi, I just downloaded this newest version to replace the 2.6.1 I currently have, and I've noticed that it, just like 2.4 used to, says that I don't have the help files/pack/something-of-the-sort when I try to use the links in the Help tab. Thus I'm wondering if this version has a help pack or something I can download and install, or whatever, since I don't have easy and constant internet access and even outdated help files would be more useful than having to go online to hunt each page/section down every single time.

Thanks in advance!