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GIMP 2.6.2 released | Ubuntu 8.10 with GIMP 2.6

By at 2008-10-31 03:07:07 UTC, last updated over 15 years ago. CC BY-NC License

GIMP 2.6.2 has been released and brings some bug fixes and updated translations:

  • Bugs fixed:

557950 – Scaling in Gimp 2.6 is much slower than in Gimp 2.4
558215 – unit and zoom entries in Statusbar not visible
558451 – Cannot build GIMP using Sun CC on Solaris 2.8
558420 – projection incorrect with alpha-less layers
556603 – Zoom region always zooms in center of image
557870 – “Qmask” message popping up here and there
557705 – compatibility with GEGL > 0.0.20
556248 – Scaling gives ‘jagged’ edges
556804 – Zoom drop down doesn’t update
524615 – Print not to scale
555246 – gimp crashes when a file is opened while a preview is
556741 – Alpha layer automatically added (in psd format)
556182 – Could you please explain a few strings [I18N]
555697 – build fails if configured with —without-libjpeg
134956 – Curves tool doesn’t save free curves

  • Updated translations:

Czech (cs)
Danish (da)
Finnish (fi)
French (fr)
Japanese (ja)
Polish (pl)
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
Swedish (sv)
Simplified Chinese (zh_CN)

Ubuntu 8.10 has also been released and ships with GIMP 2.6 (not GIMP 2.4 as some suspected).


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redforce member for over 17 years redforce 230 comments
over 15 years ago

Which operating system do you use? Why don't you just go to "Downloads" and download GIMP 2.6.2

over 15 years ago

I have Gimp 2.6.1 installed and downloaded Patch 2.6.2.
How do I install the patch. Please help.

over 15 years ago

I have searched everywhere but cant get the answer. How do I install Gimp Patch 2.6.2. I have downloaded the patch but cant figure how to install it.

over 15 years ago

Thanks devvv!
The TAB key is what I was missing

devvv member for over 17 years devvv 1475 comments
over 15 years ago

no, thats not a bug - its a feature. you can simply hide/unhide the toolboxes by usign the TAB-key.

over 15 years ago

By the way I've just installed GIMP 2.6.2 in Windows and I've noticed some changes in how GIMP manages the windows (tools, main and layers) it seems that the main window is always behind the tools and layers windows. I think the main window should be at the top always, so I hope that could be fixed.

over 15 years ago

Cool one of the bugs I reported was fixed!!