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GIMP 2.6 is available!

By at 2008-10-01 16:49:56 UTC, last updated over 14 years ago. CC BY-NC License

Only one day late the new stable release of GIMP, version 2.6, is available for download (see official announcement).

You can get an overview about the new features

The download link is available in our download area.

There are no offical windows versions yet, but they should follow very soon.

Linux/UNIX users who want to try the new version immediately, may look for new packages or compile the source code themselves. For GIMP 2.5 and Ubuntu Linux, we have a short article available: Quick notes for compiling GIMP 2.5.0 on Ubuntu 7.10, but for GIMP 2.6 and other distributions it’s similar.


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over 14 years ago

GIMP 2.6 Released!! No Windows version yet :( Anyway this are really great news!!

over 14 years ago

Cool! First!